My name is William Watson de Barros, I'm Brazilian, physician, photographer and digital artist in the abstract area.
I've been photographing since my adolescence, when my father gave me my first camera, an Olympus OM-1. I read several books and magazines on the subject, since by the end of the 70s there was still no internet, nor photography courses in the city. Years later, to complement what I had already learned in a self-taught way, I took a course at the Brazilian Institute of Photography. And I continue to learn to this day, since the more you photograph, the more you learn.
I started with pet photography, while also documenting landscapes and astrophotography (there was always an amateur astronomer in me).  
However, since the time when I created works in computer graphics (more on this in another opportunity), I have a taste for creating abstract images. The lines, shapes, contrasts and geometry of things have always fascinated me.
With a small home studio, I was able to combine photography and computing, creating new interpretations of crystal vases, rocks, plants and various other objects.
All my works from then on start with a photograph, which is then manipulated and expanded for new interpretations.
 . Monochrome Photography Awards 2018: Honorable Mention - White Trees.
 . 5º Fine Art Photography Awards (2019): Nominee - Pure Water Series.
 . Monochrome Photography Awards 2020: Honorable Mention - The Water and the Birds.
 . ReFocus Awards 2022 - Professional Black & White Photo Contest: Nominee - Conjunction.
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